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Absolutely! For non-member, you can use the anonymous calculator.

Please click here to access the anonymous calculator.
No, SBF will not be able to know. In the anonymous calculator, there is no input field requiring user to submit contact details like company name and unique entity number (UEN). Therefore, it is not possible for SBF to know who has used the anonymous calculator.
You will have access to additional features. Please click here for some of the key additional features for members.
Yes. You can contact SBF at any time to request for termination of HIPS membership. Upon confirmation, SBF will purge your information and close your account permanently.
No, SBF wil not use any information belonging to member accounts. SBF has partnered with DP Information Group to obtain data from ACRA for the purpose of building the industry benchmarking database.

Currently, HIPS contains 3 years of datasets from 9,738 companies as follows:

5,545 datasets for Year 2014 Benchmarking Database

7,227 datasets for Year 2015 Benchmarking Database

6,451 datasets for Year 2016 Benchmarking Database

SBF partnered with DP Information Group to obtain companies’ financial information from ACRA. The financials are processed to derive the 25th percentile, median and 75th percentile of the 10 productivity indicators of each industry sector. The inputs and productivity scorecards of members and non-members will not be used as datasets for the benchmarking database. Please click here to view the Annex on Common Productivity Indicators.

In collaboration with the Government and industry partners, SBF also assist companies in their productivity journey. Companies that hoep to improve their productivity levels can participate in the various programmes and training workshops offered by SBF.

For instance, the Mentorship for Accelerating Productivity Programme (MAP), is an enhancement of the previous Empowering Efficiency and Excellence (3E) programme, offering companies a holistic approach to raise productivity by reducing manpower needs, minimising processing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction. MAP’s panel of industry advisors will provide invaluable guidance on raising awareness of productivity, identifying enterprise productivity gaps and helping to groom in-house productivity champions. For details, please click here.

The 2-Day Executive Innovation Management Programme Masterclass is designed to help business managers and leaders to acquire the necessary foresight, mindset, skillset and toolkit to innovate in today’s hyper-speed environment. For details please click here.

SBF hands out Singapore Productivity Awards (SPA) annually to recognise locally-based enterprises that have made significant progress in raising their productivity.