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Becoming a member is easy and it is free. Most importantly, it offers additional features as follows:

Multi-year Entry and Benchmarking

Unlike non-members using the anonymous calculator, members are able to calculate the productivity scorecard of multiple years and benchmark against the industry performance of the relevant years (from 2014). Non-members could only benchmark against the industry performance of the latest year.

Scenario Planning Tool

A scenario planning tool is also made available for use by members. The Scenario planning tool allows member to make changes and assumptions to the inputs (e.g. number of employees, revenue, fixed assets, costs) in order to derive the desired performance.

Trending Analysis

Members also have access to a graphical tool to present the results in graphs. These graphs are useful for members in analyzing any trends in the productivity performance that would require actions to address.

Account Creation with Storage

A dedicated account will be created for each new member. With the account, members can store their scorecards within this HIPS portal and retrieve them at any time for reference.